Mixed life in a Mixed World.

Shamime is the first female Indian American and African American journalist to cover Hollywood happenings, fashion, hair products and life from a MIXED perspective!
Her honest approach to writing and reporting have earned her the title of being a "good judge" in the industry.
She’s featured in radio and magazines, national campaigns such as Nike Field Reporter, Women's Talk Radio in Chico, CA, Sacramento Magazine and websites such as Mixed and Happy, Multicultural Familia and Smashion.

Shamime knows the importance of working behind the scenes. She works in social media and marketing for various high profile individuals and companies in Los Angeles.  In the past she was the marketing assistant for a Wine Bar & Beverage Co. in Beverly Hills. She  was also an integral part of successful projects at Nickelodeon Animation Studios and Hearst Corporation’s Teen Magazine.
While working with Hearst's Teen Magazine she developed her own sense of fashion, writing and interview style that she shares through her blogs and videos!

Currently Shamime  holds a position as Assistant Editor for Mixed and Happy and staff writer for India West and Siliconeer.