Jasmin's Boutique

Sacramento's best selection on Desi Fashion.

I stumbled upon this place by chance and pure luck. The owner of Jasmin's is a source of fashion inspiration and knowledge about my Fijian-Indian roots. 

Being an adopted individual, all of my knowledge about my Indian heritage is "self taught" or from the kindness of others inviting me to their family get-togethers and explaining to me their family traditions.

Jasmin set me up with so many goodies, but today I am sharing with you just ONE. 

She also invited me to Fiji when they travel there next so maybe they can go during Fiji's Fashion Week!

This piece is by RMAW Fashion. I get countless complements on the quality and beauty of this piece! I can't wait to try more of their items and to see what else Jasmin has for me when I visit this holiday!


  1. Love everything about this post!

    Beautiful lady with a beautiful dress!