Dear readers,
I know it is late but I still want to know ALL ABOUT YOU.
So if you want to be featured on my blog answer the following questions and send me your favorite photo of all time (from your blog)
Email me your answers to the questions below....

Fashion Featurette Questions:
~When you get up in the morning how do you decide what to wear?
~What are your fashion inspirations?
~What is your favorite color to wear?
~What is your go-to outfit?
~If you had to choose one pair to be stranded on an Island with: Skinny Jeans, Leggings, Boot cut or Bell bottom, what would it be? 
~What if there was an attractive single man on this island with you? (you now can choose any outfit from your entire wardrobe)
Can’t wait to learn about all my lovely/beautiful followers..and stay tuned for another different, yet equally as good looking Man Moment!

Photos by Dylana and Natalie Suarez!


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