Style Watch: Maria B

What are you wearing right now?
I am wearing, a Wilson’s leather skirt, purple silk chiffon blouse (vintage) and cute shiny pumps!

When you got up in the morning how do you decide what to wear?
Depends on where I am going... If I am going to work, I wear “classy yet comfortable;” but when I go to school normally I wear jeans (depending on the weather I can wear a shirt with a cute cover up jacket!)

This morning I selected a sporty athletic “look” and some comfy capris, because I knew we would be cooking up a storm (in the kitchen) and later I would change my clothing!

Growing up what were your fashion inspirations?
My mom! When it came to her fashion she had a “business chic” that I still to this day emulate and find inspiring! Where would I be without my mom’s great fashion sense! I can recycle so many of her “looks”! For instance, her boots! She LOVED them when she was younger and I LOVE them now!

What is your favorite color to wear?
I do like purple...But anything vibrant really!

Is there any color that you believe looks good on almost ANY skin tone?
I would say, probably black. It is a safe color and it thins you out!

If you had to choose one pair to be stranded on an Island: Skinny Jeans, Leggings, Boot cut, Bell bottom, wide legs?
Skinny Jeans!!!

Now if you were on this island with a sexy single man? What would you wear (aside from nothing)? Describe the outfit!
OOOOO!!! I would wear shorts (Daisy Duke Style!) Probably a bathing suit top with a tank top over it….and a smile to top it off!

What is your “go-to” outfit? As in the outfit that you KNOW you will look and feel good in no matter what?
Nike stretch pants with a Nike shirt and a Nike running jacket...with my Nike tennis shoes! Gotta represent my love for Nike!

What article of clothing do you think everyone should at least try on ONCE...but not necessarily buy?
A scarf or a fedora.

Culturally, what inspires you?
Hispanic styles with Aztec prints and of course with lots of color!

What is your ethnic background and do you draw fashion inspiration from that?
Mexican and Portuguese…I usually draw inspiration from my Mexican heritage!


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