Striking Stripes

It has been a long time since my last fashion post.

I turned 24 and decided to cut more of my hair off! I love the freedom and it makes my active/busy lifestyle much more manageable!

Retuning to L.A. has been the best thing that could ever happen! Life is finally back to “normal.” Motivation, education, yoga and fashion are all in a day of my life.

My friend was getting rid of this adorable dress and shoes. She loves this outfit so much that she told me she might want it back!!!! I told her that was fine and all she needs to do is ask!

The beauty of sharing clothing with friends is: Even though we might be tired of an outfit, a friend might find a "gem!"

I would list the dress brand, but the tag is missing.
The purse is Kate Spade and the sunglasses are Oakley. The shoes are vintage, but I absolutely LOVE the ankle straps. When done right ankle straps are VERY slimming.

My neighbor’s cat loves to visit and decided to join in and make my "Striking Stripes" Picture Purrrrrrrfect!


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