Satisfyingly silk

I love nature... and as a quiet, only child nature was my best friend.

I was and am fortunate enough to live on a lake where we have ducks, geese, gophers and always a dog.

My family encouraged my creativity, because many times they put their talents aside to make an honest living, or support family members. I am blessed that they provide me with the support, option and financial security to explore my passions while I am young.

As a child you couldn’t get me away from the window or keep me inside. My father, when he had free time, would take me pony riding at a park downtown, and I convinced myself we had enough room in our backyard for one of my very own....

I still don’t have a pony, but this blue silk dress satisfies my soul.

Natalie Portman inspired this style wearing a hot pink Elizabeth and James mini dress!
I LOVE everything about Natalie Portman (Acting, education, etc.)

My outfit is:
Amanda Uprichard (dress) and Ellen Tracy flats (shoes)


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