Natalie Off Duty INTERVIEW

What are you wearing right now?

Right now, I am wearing a great pair of skinny jeans, my favorite button-up blouse, and a bunch of rings.

When you got up in the morning how did you decide?
Because I am constantly on the go, I make sure that I am dressed comfortably. I usually throw together a casual look and try not to over think an outfit. I love the “effortless look.”

Growing up what were your fashion inspirations?
As a teen, I was very interested in Teen Vogue. The beautiful editorials and fashion tips definitely got me inspired to play around with clothing and create my own unique style.

What is your favorite color to wear?
I really love jade, or forest green.

Is there any color that you believe looks good on almost ANY skin tone?

I definitely think a dark plum color works great on any skin tone. A dark plum lip especially! It always looks pretty and fresh.

If you had to choose one pair to be stranded on an Island with: Skinny Jeans, Leggings, Boot cut or Bell bottom, wide leg?

I would have to go with skinny jeans, because I feel they are flattering on just about anyone. They are also just super classic and comfortable.

What is your “go-to” outfit? As in the outfit that you KNOW you will look and feel good in no matter what?
My "go to" outfit would be a vintage button-up blouse, dark washed skinny jeans and a broken in pair of flat boots along with a pair of shades.

What article of clothing do you think everyone should at least try on ONCE...but not necessarily buy?
 I think everyone should try on a floppy hat. They always pull together a simple look and are perfect for sun protection!

Culturally, what inspires you?
I have been very lucky to travel quite a lot (at such a young age). Everywhere I go, I tend to take bits and pieces of surrounding cultures and incorporate them into my wardrobe; whether it be a ring I stumble upon in Malaysia or a scarf I picked up on the streets of Bali...Sometimes I look down at my outfit and realize every piece is from a different corner of the world, all brought together in a simple look. I love that!

What is your ethnic background and do you draw fashion inspiration from that?
Being both Asian and Hispanic, I am very much inspired by ethnic prints and bold colors. I love the bright reds that come out during Chinese New Year and I love the warm, neutral shades of Spanish buildings.  Throughout the year, I tend to bring both out in the way I dress.


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