Man Moment #1: Victorious Vukasin

When I started College, (University) I was “plain” and no man seemed to pay attention to me. Most guys gushed over my friends...So, I swore early on that I  would befriend as many sexy guys as possible, because for some reason a “Boyfriend” never seemed to happen!

When I came home from college, I realized one more good looking guy was my, “Cousin” Vukasin (also  known as, Vuki)! He was the perfect addition to my portfolio and his style was a perfect blend of preppy/casual/European!  Naturally, we had a photo session and his extremely talented photographer father gave me some professional pointers!

“Vuki” is my childhood friend! We practically grew up together, I consider him “family.” His mom and my mom were (and are) beautiful friends.

I am extremely blessed to have such good looking friends! What is life without someone nice to look at?


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