Lusting For Love

Love is the ability to grow Individuals...Agape, Eros and Philia...Which are you?”

Agape is a deep unconditional love that I have for everyone....Many take it the “wrong way” at first, but eventually realize I am pretty selfless and “love” everyone and not to be “afraid” of my gestures.

Philia is a friendship type of love...but I combine Agape and Philia...

Eros is a blinding passionate love that I see with select friends... They fall in love fast and only see “Agape and Philia” in a ego boosting "erotic" sense...making any type of “relationship” disastrous and confusing if everyone is not on the same “page”

After thinking deeply about what is “love,” I decided to ask my closet!

Eros: Arden B. Dress, Steve Madden Heels.
Agape: Coco Ribbon Dress, Calvin Klein Heels

After trying on  a few outfits I concluded,
"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal." (Albert Pine)


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