Good Things Come to Those Who Wait....Sometimes....

Excerpt from Column:

By Shamime Shaw — Ever feel like you are the last to be picked for the team. Or the last girl standing without a dance partner?

I was that girl.

Six years ago, I weighed 220 pounds. I was nice, shy and wishing that the guy I crushed on could take a moment to talk, dance, hold my hand or ask me out. I had many attractive male friends who never wanted to date me.

So during that time, while I was in college, I focused on me — developing myself, getting good grades and forging lasting friendships.

One-hundred pounds lighter, and still just as shy, the right time came along — and so did a cute guy.
He was amazing, patient and attractive. I joked with my close friends:

D-day finally happened! Date Day! He can’t understand how I made it this far without experiencing anything, but he’s thinks my shyness is cute.

I made it this far because I knew I wanted someone to respect my personality and I would, in turn, respect their gestures of interest.

So my message tonight: Sometimes good things come to those who wait; don’t rush life just because you think everyone else might be ahead of you.

Shamime is the editor of the Mixed and Happy teen section. She is also a recent graduate of UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture. She majored in World Arts and Cultures, and her academic interests include studies in critical race theory, art, culture, journalism and documentary photography. Shamime has worked with Venice Arts, Teen Magazine and Nickelodeon. She is half African-American and half Asian Indian, resulting in “crazy curly” hair, she says.


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