Fitness Friday: Mantas

A little bit of Mantas to Balance your everyday life.

Mantas Zvinas.
Yoga and Spin.

I don’t think I have ever photographed a Yoga Man that captured hot, hardcore and badass all in one shoot. This guy is amazing.

Great looks and he leads a great class?

Ladies....and Men, if you want to be challenged fitness wise, yet (remain) balanced and calm this is your guy!

I love yoga and aspire to master spin. Thankfully, my old friend from college started teaching a spin class and comes from a Yoga Family (his mother is a “veteran” yoga teacher). His classes have the perfect balance of humor and humility.

Mantas makes movement easy. His yoga flow is strenuous and the spin invigorating.

As a Yogi, having this guy as an instructor and friend is a blessing.  His music knowledge is fantastic. I show up to class knowing he may have a new twist on something popular or music from overseas that leaves me asking him after class about the artist.

Knowing him in college allowed me to witness his beautiful growth and choice to follow the path of maintaining balance between his mind body and soul.

Life is about choices and balance. Mantas makes his choice to serve and teach.

I had the chance to sit down with Mantas for a real talk about yoga, life, health and fitness:

So you teach Spin and Yoga? How is that?

Yes, I teach yoga and Spin, but in my life it is more about yoga and whatever else you choose to participate in (i.e. Surf, Swim, Run, Triathlon, Dance, 8 hour work day etc.).

So tell us, from your perspective, how incorporating yoga into our lives can “help.”

Yoga as a physical and mental practice can alone be rewarding, but when you apply those benefits to another activity you gain an advantage. There are obvious physical benefits, but there is also a grounding affect that helps place everything into perspective. The yoga practice depends on the activity you choose to do. For example, when I teach underrepresented youth surfing and kayaking, we incorporate specific yoga stretches and breath work before going out.

Oh! Thats great that you help with underrepresented youth. I too volunteer my time. It is one of the most gratifying things to share our talents and passions with those who may not otherwise have access.

Yes!  It is! Access to what many individuals may take for granted (like the beach and a yoga class) is monumental in their development, we are planting a seed of inspiration. Yoga in combination with whatever activity they are engaging helps cement positive learning habits.

Wow, thats great! How is it working with youth?  Not everyone can do it. It takes a certain level of empathy, patience and overall humility (all of which I think you have).

Thanks! Well, I try to stay as engaging and funny as I can, because the kids have “short” attention spans and they do come back so I am very pleased.

Any words of advice?
My motto is go day by day trying a little bit of everything. Balance is key in my perspective. For instance, I was approached at a bar once (while wearing a sweater with my yoga studio’s logo). After finding out I was an instructor the kind woman said she expected me to be “Drinking tea in bed”.
I replied, “A balanced life requires a little bit of naughtiness'”.
I guess by now you can say my favorite word is balance.

Tell me about coming from a “yoga family”:
I really do get 75% of my yoga information from my mom. She’s always participating in workshops and trainings that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Last week she participated in Maty Ezraty's training (Kishan, Vinnie and other big name yoga teachers were there as well). I am lucky that all that information gets passed down to me. Not to mention learning about nutrition and health.  My college days may have had one too many parties, but as I now believe everything can have balance. I may go to that party or out to a bar, but I always remember to maintain my personal balance and health. 
At home we make our own Kombucha, Kefir, Bread and have our own chickens that provide us with fresh eggs. I either juice or have a smoothie everyday (I like to copy the ingredients from various RAW restaurants around town). My mom influences me on Eastern Ayurvedic lifestyle and alternative medicines (not to mention all the old remedies from Lithuania).


Any chance I get I make a point to recommend him to my friends and catch one of his classes, because taking a fitness class from someone familiar makes me work harder (and I cannot hide in the back corner on days that I am feeling lazy or antisocial).

Mantas holds me and all of his students accountable without being too forward or making you feel self conscience. So, I hope if any of you are feeling inspired to try something new in 2013 you will give my friend Mantas a spin!

I will see you there and together we can find a little bit of balance in our lives!

Check him out on his Website Spin Yoga Surf

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