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Dylana Suarez!

Fashion is a “culture.” So WHAT has inspired Dylana’s Fashion Culture? Let’s find out!

Culturally, what inspires you?
What is your ethnic background and do you draw fashion inspiration from that?

What are you wearing right now?
To be totally honest, I am in sweats right now! Just woke up! haha. But usually I would be wearing skinny jeans, a slouchy knitted sweater, a leather belt, ankle boots, and a great colorful blazer thrown on top! And maybe a hat! hehe

When you got up in the morning how did you decide?
Usually the night before I think about one piece that I really want to wear. For example, it might be a printed maxi skirt. Then in the morning I usually just work around that one piece and throw something together that I like. I am most inspired by interesting color combination's, and that is how I pick and choose what I want to wear to complete the look.

Growing up what were your fashion inspirations?
Growing up I was always so inspired my my mom. She had the most amazing sense of style and always wore beautiful dresses with fitted waists and full bottoms. I really wished she kept her closet because I would definitely loved to have some pieces altered for myself to wear today. Because of my mom, I was introduced to fashion and beautiful clothing, so I really loved reading fashion magazines like Vogue, ELLE, Teen Magazine, Seventeen. Fashion as a whole and all the runway coverage in the magazines really shaped my perspective on fashion and I quickly fell in love with it even more.

What is your favorite color to wear?

 This is hard to say because I love certain colors more at different times depending on my mood. But I can always rely  on a soft cream or nude shade to work on my because I think it looks against my light skin and dark hair. If I am on the go, but have no idea what to wear, any neutral color will be the first thing I reach for. Neutral colors are  timeless.

Is there any color that you believe looks good on almost ANY skin tone?
I really think that the colors maroon or rusty orange look good on almost all skin tones. I don't know why. Maybe it is because I just like how deep, warm and unexpected these colors are. And they already have tones of what is already in our skin (like browns, reds, beige, yellow), just mixed up together, so I could see nearly everyone wearing a little bit of these colors!

If you had to choose one pair to be stranded on an Island: Skinny Jeans, Leggings, Boot cut or Bell bottom, wide leg...what would it be?

I would have to say leggings because they are so comfortable. They may not be as fashionable as skinny jeans, but hey, I'm stranded and nobody's looking at me!

Ok so, what if there was an attractive single man on this island with you? (you now can choose "other" but do tell me what that "other" article of clothing is!)

Well, out of the jeans I would pick skinny jeans because I think they look best on me! If I have a choice of any outfit, I would wear a pretty little sheer mini dress with a lace slip underneath (simple yet sexy, is best with men)

What is your “go-to” outfit? As in the outfit that you KNOW you will look and feel good in no matter what?

My go-to outfit is definitely ankle boots, skinny jeans, my leather motorcycle jacket, and a silky, slightly oversized and sheer, button-front blouse.

What article of clothing do you think everyone should at least try on ONCE . . . but not necessarily buy?
I think everyone should at least try on some sort of hat! I never really wore hats a few months ago, but then I came across a great vintage one at a thrift store and it has been love ever since. I never expected to like the look of a wider brim hat on me, but I actually did. Now I have a classic little 20's-ish cloche hat that I loooove. And I am looking for a wider brimmed floppy hat that's more bohemian. Nobody should be afraid of hats. There is a perfect one out there for each of us. You just have to try one on to find out. Hats totally complete an outfit!

***Stay Tuned to see my hats!****

Culturally, what inspires you?

The whole world inspires me. I love to travel and get to know a certain country by paying attention to the people who live there, the clothes they wear, the food they eat, the way they interact with each other. It is really important when traveling to be able to open yourself up to different cultures and to put all your senses into overdrive. It's an exciting experience to sort of be a part of something foreign and new and to take little bits and pieces into your own life, whether it be a new perspective, a new favorite color or food, or a new appreciation for something you've never noticed before. One of the places that I was really inspired by recently was Melaka, an ancient city in the country of Malaysia. It was so thriving and pulsating with life, colors, music, and food. It inspired me to sit back and live in the moment.

What is your ethnic background and do you draw fashion inspiration from that?

My mother is Chinese and originally from Singapore, but was raised in Malaysia. My father is born and raised in Los Angeles, and is of Mexican and Spanish decent. I am interesting mix and people usually have a hard time pinpointing what my ethnicity is. I definitely draw inspiration from my ethnic background. I am naturally curious about the world and love to explore and discover new things about myself. Being able to travel to visit all my family in Malaysia is exciting and always a fresh experience. Being able to connect with where I come from in a hands on sort of way makes me open-minded and confident, and this definitely reflects in the way I dress myself.


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