“Didn’t your parents want their OWN kid? Like a real one? I know I have to have my own, and if my wife can’t have kids, I will leave her...”  My Freshman year of college....the exact words my ignorant friend said to my face, while driving home from a weekly Costco trip...Needless to say all my attraction to his Jake Gyllenhaal good looks turned in to Golaham from Lord of the Rings....

I replied with “I am theirs, even though I am adopted."

I fully believe in the ability to love a child that might not be “your blood, color, race or ethnicity.”

Fortunately, I was adopted at eight months, but many other babies are not (especially non-Caucasian).

It is my hope, if I marry to have two children: One, biologically and I will actively “keep” him or her and the other I will adopt, because there is a choice on both ends and my love is infinite...

Can anyone understand the small choice that so many children take for granted?

The act of wanting, planning and actually keeping a child is just as important (to me) as adopting a child that was given up.

I believe many people take for granted the fact that they have parents (divorced or otherwise). Their parents “kept” them. Silly, you might think?  But they could have put you up for could have been in foster care and NEVER adopted....please realize that your parents made a choice to keep you, no matter how spoiled you are or how religious your family, something could have turned your fate towards being put up for adoption!

and for adoptees pleas realize how phenomenal your parents are for loving you each and everyday!